Sell Your House

If you are not able to buy-out your spouse and/or refinance, and our Sale/Leaseback Program is not an option for you, or you just want to sell your home and start fresh – we can help.

 Most real estate agents lack the training and experience to deal with divorcing couples, where the spouses may not be speaking to each other, don’t see eye to eye and both spouses certainly have different financial goals for the future.

When selling a house in the context of divorce, it is important to have a divorce real estate expert who sympathizes with what you are going through, is able to communicate effectively with you and your spouse, and most importantly, understands the unique financial, legal and tax aspects of this complex situation.

Our nationwide network of divorce real estate experts have many years of experience helping divorcing couples sell their marital house. Most of our experts have gone through specialized training required for selling real estate in the context of divorce.

Don’t trust the most important sale of your life to just anyone, make sure you’re in the hands of an expert, who understands all implications – both present and future.

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