Our Unique Solution – Sale/Leaseback Program

If you are unable to buy-out your spouse and/or refinance the mortgage – We can still help you stay in your house, so you can Move On, Not Out®.

Next Act Properties’ unique Sale/Leaseback Program helps you stay in your house without the complexities and expenses of house ownership. We will purchase your house for cash and lease it back to you (Sale/Leaseback) for a period of several years (typically 3 – 5). We’ll even give you an option to buy back the house from us at a later date.

 Benefits of our Sale/Leaseback Program

  • We buy your house
  • You get cash up-front to help start your new life – pay-off debt, start a business, save for college and/or retirement, etc.
  • We rent the house back to you with flexible lease terms
  • You get to stay in the house you love – and if you have kids, they don’t have to worry about leaving their friends or changing schools
  • You’ll have the option to repurchase the house at a later date
  • No moving expenses
  • No more costly repairs such as roof repair or replacement

We make it easier for you to “Move On” with your life.

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