Refinance Your House

It is quite an accomplishment to be able to buy-out your spouse.  Now let’s make sure you can refinance the mortgage in your own name so you can keep and stay in YOUR home.

The first thing you need to understand – financing/refinancing in the context of divorce is very different from when you previously took out your mortgage. There are so many rules and requirements that must be followed in order for alimony and/or child support payments to be considered income by your lender. Similar issues can arise with your new or part-time job or income from your new business or rental properties.

Many traditional mortgage professionals lack the knowledge and understanding of divorce lending guidelines, which can lead to catastrophic results and the inability to keep your home.

Let’s ensure you’re in the best hands possible with our trusted nationwide network of divorce mortgage experts, most of whom are Certified Divorce Lending Professionals (CDLP™). Our experts have years of experience working with divorcing people and their mortgage financing/refinancing needs and will guide you step-by-step through the process.

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