Looking for a Divorce Mortgage Specialist in Miami? 

Life comes at you fast when you’re facing a divorce, especially when one spouse is uncooperative or expects a more favorable division of the family assets than the other. When this occurs, the knowledgeable divorce mortgage and real estate professionals at Next Act Properties can help residents in Miami and all over Dade County, Florida, tackle tough issues like refinancing or selling your family home. Our divorce expertise and guidance in mortgages and real estate lets you spend more time on other important factors, including division of other assets, child custody and dealing with other divorce issues.

Mortgage Brokers with Divorce Loan and Refinance Expertise

Our mortgage company’s team of divorce experts have years of experience in the divorce mortgage business, helping customers in Miami, FL, obtain the financing necessary to help the spouse who wants to keep the home take sole ownership of the family home by buying out the other spouse’s share of the home’s equity and refinancing the existing mortgage into only her or his name. A good divorce mortgage broker understands the mortgage process, the special requirements specific to divorce and will help you find the right loan to make this all happen. This essential knowledge of the divorce mortgage process makes Next Act Properties the perfect choice when Florida residents require honesty, competence and compassion under the very stressful cloud of divorce.