Fort Lauderdale Divorce Mortgage Specialist

When negotiating your divorce settlement, one of the most important considerations is what to do with your marital home and any other real estate that was acquired during the term of your marriage. Next Act Properties specializes in providing real estate and mortgage solutions for divorcing and divorced people.

Decisions Regarding the Marital Home

Because real estate is often a married couple’s largest asset, it’s important to work with divorce professionals who understand all the real estate and mortgage options available. Your divorce attorney may be an expert in applying Florida law, but most attorneys don’t know the specific requirements that mortgage lenders have when dealing with divorcing or divorced people. That’s just not their expertise. That’s why it’s so important to work with experienced real estate professionals and mortgage professionals who specialize in divorce.

Options for Dealing With Your Real Estate

In many cases, one spouse, often the wife, would like to remain in the home, especially if there are children.

In order to make that happen, the spouse who wants to keep the home would have to 1) buy-out the other spouse’s share of the equity in the home and 2) refinance the mortgage into just their own name, if the current mortgage is either in both their names or in only the name of the other spouse.

Expert Advice in Florida

If you’re a divorcing Florida resident and need help deciding what to do with your marital home or if you’re already divorced and need a new mortgage, Next Act Properties can help. Whether you live in Broward County, Orange County or somewhere in between, we will work with you and your divorce attorney to help you make wise decisions. Contact us at (800) 795-2445 to speak with a divorce mortgage or real estate specialist.