Divorce Mortgage and Real Estate Expert in Denver, Colorado

Many divorcing couples struggle to make decisions about dividing their marital property, making the divorce process more contentious than it needs to be. This especially true when it comes to their marital home, which is often a married couple’s most valuable asset. For these people, working with a divorce mortgage and real estate expert in Denver is a good way to understand what their various options are, which can help take some of the emotions out of the decision-making process. It’s so important to think financially, not emotionally during this difficult time.

Working With a Denver Divorce Mortgage and Real Estate Expert

A divorce mortgage and real estate expert works with divorcing people and their attorneys to address complex financial issues as it relates to their marital home and other real estate. Family law attorneys are highly skilled at what they do, but they are not licensed and certified financial, mortgage or real estate experts, so they may not be able to advise clients on issues related to real estate, except in a very general way. And, of course, divorce attorneys can’t arrange a mortgage refinancing or new mortgage or handle the actual sale of your marital home or other real estate.

Divorce mortgage experts also have extensive knowledge of the lending requirements specific to divorcing and divorced people, ensuring each person receives advice that’s highly relevant to their unique circumstances so they can understand what their various mortgage and refinancing options are.

Here are just a few of the ways a divorce mortgage and real estate expert in Denver can help with divorce-related mortgage and real estate issues:

  • Determining if the spouse who wants to keep the home can afford to buy out the other spouse’s share of the marital home’s equity
  • Advising if the spouse keeping the home can refinance the mortgage into their own name and if the alimony and/or child support payments they might be receiving will count as qualified income, in accordance with various mortgage lender guidelines
  • Providing guidance on a wide range of other lending issues, including debt, credit scores, credit reports, etc.

 And if a buy out and refinancing is not possible, or if both spouses would rather sell (or if the sale is court-ordered), a divorce real estate expert knows how to work with both spouses (who may not even be speaking to each other), the divorce attorneys, the court and, of course, they know how to market the home to get the best price.

Consult an Expert

To connect with a divorce mortgage and/or real estate expert in Denver, Colorado, call Next Act Properties at (800) 795-2445. Founder Jeffrey A. Landers has been working with divorcing people since 2010, using his knowledge and expertise to help people find creative solutions to the financial challenges that can arise during a divorce.

Jeff is a Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP), Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), and a licensed mortgage and real estate broker, giving him the unique insight necessary to help people emerge from the divorce process in a much stronger financial position.