Looking for a Divorce Mortgage Specialist in Boca Raton Area

Protect your financial future with assistance from the divorce mortgage professionals at Next Act Properties. Serving the Palm Beach County area, including Boca Raton and Coral Springs, our divorce settlement professionals understand divorce mortgage guidelines and boast extensive experience in family law, mortgages and real estate, making them well-equipped to aid clients with mortgage-related divorce issues such as cash flow, debt, taxes and refinance options.

Mortgages, Refinance and Sales During Divorce

Our divorce mortgage and real estate experts understand the stress of hammering out a mutually acceptable marital settlement agreement with your spouse. With that in mind, we lay out the options available for dealing with the family homes of clients. While continuing to jointly own the home might seem like a good idea, in most cases it leads to more of the same issues that ended the marriage in the first place. The best options are usually selling the home and splitting the money or refinancing the home and buying out the other spouse so only one spouse will own it entirely.

Inclusive Property Services for Clients Going Through Divorce

When you contact Next Act Properties for help with mortgages during a divorce, our property professionals go over every aspect of your income and debt to see what works best for you. We take into account everything from spousal support, alimony and loan payments to custody agreements and resources available to the husband and wife, then guide you through the process with services ranging from putting your family home on the market to handling mortgage closings.

Mortgage Professionals with Extensive Experience

Founded by Jeffrey A. Landers — a Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP™), Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA™) and Licensed Real Estate and Mortgage Broker — Jeff has been helping divorcing clients prepare for their next steps since 2010. A firm understanding and knowledge of divorce mortgage guidelines and complexities makes Next Act Properties, Inc. the ideal advisor when real estate, mortgages and family law intersect.