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Documents Needed to Obtain Mortgage Financing in a Divorce

Going through a divorce can be an extremely trying time and deciding what to do with the marital home can create a lot of emotion and stress, especially if there are children involved. At Next Act Properties, we specialize in providing real estate solutions for divorcing and divorced people. We know how to help you […]


Can Alimony and/or Child Support Payments Qualify as Income for a Mortgage or Refinancing After Divorce?

If you are divorced or are going through a divorce, you might assume that receiving alimony and/or child support payments will qualify as income to refinance your current mortgage or get a new one. Unfortunately, you may discover that is not necessarily true. Requirements for Alimony and/or Child Support to be Considered Qualified Income for […]

How to Get a Mortgage: Benefits of a Mortgage Broker

Finding the right mortgage for your particular needs, especially when going through a divorce, can be stressful. You may wonder, “Am I getting the best rate considering my circumstances? Should I apply to more than one lender? Are these settlement fees reasonable? What if I don’t get approved?” These are very real concerns. Enlisting the […]

Removing Your Spouse From the House Title

In divorce, it is common for one spouse to want to keep the home. This will require the other spouse to be removed from the title. More often than not, the existing mortgage will need to be refinanced into just the name of the spouse keeping the home. Your divorce lawyer can ensure you are […]


Real Estate Appraisals for Divorcing Couples

Homeowners will generally get a real estate appraisal of their property when they are ready to sell in order to determine an appropriate asking price. When selling a home during a divorce, an accurate appraisal of the current value is particularly important in order to negotiate the division of marital property.  How a Real Estate […]


Selecting the Right Real Estate Agent When Divorcing

When selling a home, homeowners should choose their real estate agent wisely, doing research in order to find the right agent for their particular needs. For divorcing couples, this is even more important because of the unique legal, financial, and emotional aspects of their situation. Not every real estate agent is up to the task. […]

Refinancing Your Home When Divorcing

For most couples, their home is their most valuable asset. If you are divorcing, you are probably struggling with what to do with the house and wondering if it would be possible for one spouse to retain it. I have spent years helping individuals understand the finances of their divorce and the complex decisions that […]

4 Options for the Marital Home in Divorce and How We Can Help

When couples get divorced, they must determine the full extent of their marital property, both assets and liabilities, for division between the spouses. For most divorcing couples, the largest asset they have is their family home. Many emotions are attached to the home, but there are also many practical concerns that must be considered when […]